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Academic Publications and Manuscripts

S. Duperron, D. De Beer, M. Zbinden, A. Boetius, V. Schipani, N. Kahil, F. Gaill, "Molecular characterization of bacteria associated with the trophosome and the tube of Lamellibrachia sp., a siboglinid annelid from cold seeps in the eastern Mediterranean," FEMS Microbiology Ecology, Volume 69, Issue 3, 3 August 2009, Pages 395–409,

V. Schipani, “Journalism and Public Trust in Science,” Synthese, revise and resubmit.


V. Schipani, “Does Science’s Value-Ladenness Destroy Its Political Authority? No,” in progress.


V. Schipani, “When Science Communicators Speak: Reconciling Public Reason and the Administrative State,” in progress.


V. Schipani, “A ‘Morally Decent’ Model of Trust in Science,” in progress.

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