About Me

International Writer, Editor, Photographer and Philosopher

When I was young I remember spending my free time reading books about natural selection and writing poetry and short stories. 

As a undergraduate at the University of Florida, my polymathy grew with a curriculum of zoology, philosophy and creative writing. 

After working as a research assistant in genetics, microbiology, animal behavior and ecology, I realized I preferred thinking about science to conducting experiments myself. 

In 2009 I combined my love of words and science by pursuing a career in science journalism. 

Since then I've written for outlets in North America, Europe and Asia, including The Scientist, BioScience, EARTH, EuroScientist and The American Scholar

As a journalist I've covered the full spectrum of disciplines, from quantum physics to social psychology. 

However, I confess a penchant for topics that skirt the boundary between science and society, such as the role science plays in politics and art. 

In 2012 I began a research masters in the History and Philosophy of Science at Utrecht University in the Netherlands with the aim of learning more about the foundations and implications of science. 

My final thesis project concerns the rhetorical and epistemic power of scientific concepts like the 'atom,' the 'gene' and the 'connectome' (a map of the brain's neural connections). 

Undoubtedly, cultivating my skills as a scholar of science feeds into my ability to contextualize the nuanced nature of scientific fact for the public as a journalist.

After benefiting from the enriching experience of living, studying and working abroad for four years, I've returned to my home country of the United States. 

At the moment I'm putting the finishing touches on my master's thesis and working for FactCheck.org as a science writer in Philadelphia, PA.

Last Updated:  02.28.2016