03 August 2010


I was in Costa Rica for three weeks and two days. I will be posting pictures of my trip intermittently for the next few weeks. And I think I'll go backwards. The last place we went was Montezuma.

Montezuma is often called Montefuma. The minute we got off the bus, I smelled it. The town, a small collection of shops, sodas, and one bar, is unimposing. The tour guides stay within the confines of their offices and the hippies don't nag you to buy their woven jewelry. For 2000 colones (roughly 3.5 dollars) you can get a Latin American style hamburger, which is "like no other hamburger you've ever tasted" says the cook. Fresh water streams meet the ocean every quarter mile or so and white-throated magpie jays steal your crackers. Every once and a while, if you're looking for them constantly like I am, you'll see a spiny-tailed iguana perched upon a rooftop as if he were a king addressing his plebeian subjects.










jacofamilysite December 23, 2010 at 4:01 PM  

Dearest Vanessa, you are one deep and wonderful young woman, much respect and major kudos to you. I hope you don't mind I'm living vicariously through your experiences and visuals. It's been an honor to know you since you were just an itty bitty cute and curly haired creature, watching you develop a fascination with life, love, and literature! Big Warm Hug!