11 May 2009

Week Six.

Driving to Work.

This is what I see everyday.

More Owls.

My boss just bought a Canon Rebel XSI. He let me borrow his 55-250. I want to buy one, but I probably won't. Gotta save the dollas for my future.

Camping and Hiking on the Lost Coast.

On Friday, my coworkers and I drove two hours to the Lost Coast. It's the longest stretch of untouched shoreline in the continental US. You can hike along the beach without a person in sight for miles. Friday night we camped and Saturday we did an 8 mile hike, round trip, to the coast. The mountain streams flowing into the ocean never seize to amaze me.

We took our bosses old Toyota Corolla which has 300,000 miles on it. The clutch made a loud noise that sounded like nails scratching a chalkboard every so often (but really all the time) and right before we started our hike we realized had a flat tire. We had to drive back at 50 miles an hour, but the donut made us all the way home.