22 July 2007

Central France: Wine Country, Sancere

Farmland, it was a nice change from the city

There was lots of great panorama views in Sancere, it was quite pretty.Rolling hills of grapevines.

Everyone's taking pictures
Another panorama of Sancere
We went canoeing on the Loire River and stopped for a very french picnic

We tasted wine...

From goat...
to cheese... We went to a place were they make chevre, its a soft french cheese made from goat's milk. Quite delicious.It was a full out farm, with pigs and all.
and even a donkey...
and his big ears...
We made this male goose a little angry because I think we were getting too close to his nine hoes.
Quite a pimp.
And the last thing I saw when driving home was one of france's many nuclear power plants.