01 May 2007

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NAME:                                 Vanessa Schipani
E-MAIL:                               vanessaschipani@gmail.com
SKYPE:                                vanessaschipani
WEBSITE/BLOG:                   www.vanessaschipani.com
CITIZENSHIP:                       French and American


08.2004 to 12.2008              Bachelors of Science in Zoology and Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy
                                           University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA
                                           Grade Point Average: 3.51, Cum Laude


02.2012 to present               Freelance Journalist for the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine
                                           Berlin, Germany
                                           Tasks: Interviewing researchers; translating complex scientific material into a language the general public 
                                           can understand; writing and editing press releases; copy editing; fact checking

09.2011 to present               Distribution Manager for SAND, Berlin's English Literary Journal
                                           Berlin, Germany
                                           Tasks: billing; corresponding with bookstores; planning meetings; delegating tasks to others

09.2009 to present               Editorial Assistant* and Freelance Journalist for The American Scholar  
                                           Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Tasks: Writing and editing articles for print and the web about science and culture; photographing; 
                                           searching for photos; copy editing; fact checking; updated the homepage *Ended 04.2010

03.2011 to 06.2011               Intern for The Reykjavík Grapevine
                                           Reykjavík, Iceland
Tasks: Wrote and edited articles for print and the web about music, events, culture and nature; 
                                           photographed landscapes and events; searched for photos; copy edited; fact checked; updated the 

05.2010 to 01.2011               Intern* and Freelance Journalist for The Scientist
                                           New York, New York, USA
Tasks: Wrote and edited articles for print and the web about science and culture; searched for photos; copy 
                                           edited; fact checked; attended research conferences; updated the homepage *From 09.2010

04.2010 to 10.2010               Freelance Journalist for EARTH
                                           Alexandria, Virginia, USA
                                           Tasks: Wrote and edited articles for print about the physical sciences; copy edited; fact checked

03.2009 to 08.2009               Field Assistant for Colorado State University
                                           Salyer, California, USA
                                           Researched: Spotted and barred owl conservation and ecology
                                           Tasks: Collected field data; handled owls; paperwork; data entry

06.2008 to 12.2008               Field and Lab Assistant for the University of Florida
                                           Gainesville, Florida, USA
                                           Researched: Horseshoe crab reproductive behaviour
                                           Tasks: Collected field data; handled horseshoe crabs; analysed data

05.2007 to 09.2007               Lab Assistant for the Université Pierre et Marie Curie
                                           Paris, France
                                           Researched: Cold seep marine ecology and genetics
                                           Tasks: Conducted PCRs and gel electrophoresis; cloned bacteria; constructed phylogenetic trees; co-writer 
                                           on research paper

03.2006 to 12.2006               Lab Assistant for the University of Florida
                                           Gainesville, Florida, USA
                                           Researched: Avian conservation genetics
                                           Tasks: Extracted DNA; conducted PCRs and gel electrophoresis

Mac OS X, Windows, Microsoft Office, Picasa, Gimp, Constant Contact, FTP, HTML, XML, SEO, content management systems, photography, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Blogspot, Wordpress


English (native, 10/10); French (very good, 7/10); German (beginner, 2/10)


Society for Environmental Journalists


Bob Grant | Senior Editor | The Scientist | bob.grant@the-scientist.com | +1 212 461 4470, extension: 3002

Allen Freeman | Advisory Editor | The American Scholar | afreeman@pbk.org | +1 202 745 3272

Becky Crook | Editor (Former) | SAND Journal | becky@sandjournal.com | +49 303 156 6240

Anna Andersen | Managing Editor | The Reykjavík Grapevine | anna@grapevine.is | +354 540 3600